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2019 ~ Precarious Pod

Precarious Pod was an immersive performance for small, intimate audiences about animals and extinction. Exploring the lives of species that have adapted with varied success to human impact, we invite audiences to move about freely to observe and explore how human and animal instincts collide. What can we learn from animals about a balanced relationship to our natural world?

Precarious Pod

November 15-24, 2019
Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco

​Choreography: Nina Haft with the dancers

Video Design: Ian Winters

Scenic Design: Lauren Elder

Lighting Design: Rogelio Lopez

Sound Design: Gretchen Jude

Costume Design: Andrew Merrell


Dancers: Rose Huey, Jennifer Twilley Jerum, Rogelio Lopez, Mallory Markham, Andrew Merrell, Rebecca Morris and Jesse Wiener

2016 ~ King Tide Project

The King Tide Project was a multi-year, ongoing dance that looks at climate change, the rising sea levels and how humans interact with a shifting natural surrounding. In 2016 Nina Haft + Company presented two works as part of the King Tide Project: King Tide and Shoreline. Video and photos below.

King Tide: San Francisco

September 2016, Joe Goode Annex

An evening of live dance, music and video about water and climate change

King Tide: San Francisco Program

King Tide: San Francisco Gallery

King Tide: Shoreline

June 2016, Hayward Shoreline

A site-specific performance tour of the Bay Coast trail

King Tide: Shoreline Program

King Tide: Shoreline Gallery

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