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King Tide Project

The King Tide Project is a multi-year, ongoing dance that looks at climate change, the rising sea levels and how humans interact with a shifting natural surrounding.


In 2016 Nina Haft + Company presented two works as part of the King Tide Project: King Tide and Shoreline. Video and photos below.


The King Tide Project continues this year and next with a tour to the Middle East. Follow our blog here

King Tide: San Francisco

September 2016, Joe Goode Annex

An evening of live dance, music and video about water and climate change


King Tide: San Francisco Program

King Tide: San Francisco Gallery

King Tide: Shoreline

June 2016, Hayward Shoreline

A site-specific performance tour of the Bay Coast trail


King Tide: Shoreline Program

King Tide: Shoreline Gallery

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