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Photo: Pak Han


October 14-22, 2023 | Western Sky Studio

The Spaces Between

touch | distance | human pack behavior

Saturday-Sunday | October 14-15 & 21-22 | 3pm

Western Sky Studios, 2525 Eighth St Suite 13A, Berkeley, CA

THE SPACES BETWEEN is an interactive installation of live dance and sound that explores how our spatial choices are not ours alone but part of a vast web of interdependence.
Collaborating artists:
Nina Haft | Rose Huey | Jennifer Twilley Jerum
Nico Ortiz Maimon | Frances Sedayao | Jesse Wiener
with Composer/Musician Emma Tome 
Nina Haft and Co - HGoidell-44_744364.jpeg

What drives human pack behavior? 

Nina Haft - Nico Frances - HGoidell-116_744515.jpeg
Nina Haft & Co - HGoidell-77_744425.jpeg

How do touch, distance

and mutuality communicate


Join Nina Haft & Co for THE SPACES BETWEEN, featuring finely-tuned structured improvisation live-mixed with set choreography.

Audiences will  physically enter the work, position themselves inside it to consider what is revealed or obscured.  Performers dig deep,  dissolving barriers between maker and witness, performers and audiences.  No two performances will be the same.

The company’s first full length work since COVID emerged, THE SPACES BETWEEN is our practice of belonging to each other in these times of uncertainty, our candid, sensual and unmediated movement speaking to bodies in love and grief.

October 14-15 & 21-22

Saturday-Sunday | All shows at 3pm

Western Sky Studios, 2525 Eighth St Suite 13A, Berkeley, CA


Tickets: sliding scale $10-50

capacity is limited, reserve early

Nina Haft & Co needs your help to fully fund this production of THE SPACES BETWEEN! Please consider donating today - your support funds dancer and composer pay, space rental, and other production costs

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